Showcasing Jacqueline ehle inglefield

Visit my work in person!

Showcasing Jacqueline ehle inglefield

Visit my work in person!


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“Man is the most insane species. He worships an invisible God and destroys a visible Nature. Unaware that this Nature he’s destroying is this God he’s worshiping. 

  • Hubert Reeves

This quote explains quite simply the question I ask myself when creating for past decade. Why is plastic in such surplus when it is also what is suffocating our planet.

This is where my art has landed as quickly as a dragonfly and as slow as molasses.

When I started passionately working with waste it was because of my love of Alexander Calder’s Circus. This gave the seeds of my mind the validation to grow. I began using wire while attending VCU as a painting and printmaking major because it was a non traditional drawing material, wire mesh screen was the shading. I quilt my materials. My art making is very portable. My supplies consist of snips, punches, and needle nose pliers. Walking to work at the Whitney Museum of American Art from my Hell’s Kitchen  apartment I would find special things, old things, things with a history. 

Those objects would become the features of my pieces. I always still painted and drew, but I feel all of my disciplines are one, very free following art form.

The skins have changed from mesh to plastics about a decade ago. At first it was because I wanted to add color in my sculptures, but it was also becoming a very accessible. I can painting plastic with acrylics as small abstracts.

Through working with one use plastic, i have seen a travesty that I can now un see.  We as a species have put convenience above our well being with plastic. So as an Artist my mission has been to bring this massive problem as good for thought.

In 2016 I started working on the ying and yang of plastic and the lost of our Coast in Southeastern Louisiana. As A Studio In Woods Flint and Steel resident I started making my creations plastic shrines that actually surround you. This is the first time I actually thought about pollution and the way religion looks at this Global problem. I was curious about the juxtaposition of worshiping nature in a plastic cocoon as well how plastic had become a false God. The piece I am working on currently now pLASTic HABITat is on the corner Magazine and Gravier where the piece is like a 3/d painting where all components can be changed and move around canvas ( 20’x2’x8’) space.

In this piece I have been filling with plastic wetland fauna appears as the real wetlands disappear.

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